cumhungrypigwhore: Girls. Love your bodies. Don’t buy the…


Girls. Love your bodies. Don’t buy the commercials and magazine ads and completely fake and computerized-perfection that you fill your heads with. Yes, there are fit bodies with muscle and they may be healthy and that’s great. There are beautiful celebrities with a certain look, but remember, they are surgically helped out to be as “perfect” as possible by their handlers.

Use your heads. If you’re uncomfortable about how your clothes fit, if you’re tired and want more energy, work out and eat better and you’ll see results. For you.

But women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes and many men love them all. Men are conditioned, by nature, to want a woman with hips and ass, as it is programmed in their DNA to pick a girl who will bear him children and have enough body fat to fucking ovulate. Their preferences may vary, but curve can be a huge turn on.

Love the body you have. I have seen heavier women dripping with sex and sultriness and body love right next to a thin girl who oozed unhappiness and depression. You don’t have to guess who people were drawn to talk to.

Stop body shaming, girls. Get healthier by all means if you want to, but stop hating your bodies and pretend. Just pretend that you are the hottest mother fucker wherever you go for a few days. Fake it. You might start to love yourself and stop being so wrapped up in not having thigh gap.

But if you do have a thigh gap, that’s also okay.