Dear followers,

As some of you may know snd see I love to expose my cunt on cam and masturbate for people. I love knowing that someone is enjoying my cunt especially if I can see them rubbing their pussies or stroking their cocks!!

Which is why I have a problem with so many people who want to cam. If l have a long relationship online with you I don’t mind but if I don’t know you don’t fucking add me and fucking video call me without my permission or without fuckinv saying hi or telling me your asl!!! Especially you fucking men go stick your dick in a hole in the wall I don’t want to see it

Also don’t fucking pretend to be a girl just to cam with me
Anyone who does this will be blasted on my blog publically to my thousands of followers

Finally if you don’t want to fucking cam just say so!!! I make it clear this is a sex blog and what I want from it. No bullshit about how you don’t have a cam we all know that’s bullshit
Unless you brought your computer in 1996 all phones laptops screens ipads have cams
When you tell me you don’t have one I know you’re lying
do either Your profile is fake or false pretences
Either way I’m not interested and I’ll blast that email as well.

Bye my sexy followers