momsonfuckhard: **This a real video submitted…


**This a real video submitted by one of my followers who don’t want their identity revealed. They are a mother son couple since two years. The mother is aged 45 and the son is 19.

This video was shot by them on one fine morning.
These are the words in which the mother described it to me.

“I was lying in bed when my son returned from his early morning workout. It was a Sunday morning and I was sleeping till late in bed. The previous night, I was out on a date with son because it was his last weekend of the holidays here and he would return to his university next week. He had banged my pussy until late in the night.

As son got home, he stripped off my panties and buried his face in between my legs. His tongue started tormenting my tender clitoris. His nose pressed on my pelvis and I could feel his warm breath rushing on my womb.
He immediately stuffed two of his fingers into my tiny, dry bumhole.

As his tongue crushed my clit, his two long fingers constantly went deep inside my asshole. As his fingers went the deepest they could, he folded them which stretched my asshole and made me moan a lot.

He kept crushing my clit with his tongue. I had a river of juices flowing down my hole. It was all over his face and also wetted the sheets.

This clip captures one of my orgasm. I came a total of 4 times by this same stimulation in a period of 1 hour. ”